Multipurpose die-cast aluminum corner joint for pinning, screwing or crimping with sealant grooves. Originally designed for security (armored) profiles, the Tonale corner joint has also been installed on standard window and door frames with great success. (screws not included). In addition to an improved strength, this bracket combines different interesting features, the most important being the lateral expansion which avoids deformation and eliminates any play. Internal or external tightening possible. It has specific sealant grooves to guarantee excellent sealing and greater strength while avoiding any waste or spill. Ideal for window producers and distributors, that can use just one bracket instead of three. Tools needed: Allen wrench or crimping machine or pinning machine.

Ordering Details

Part Code Description Box Qty Box Weight Part Size Downloads
M_5004/50Multi-Function Corner Joint5026.8 x 31.4Technical Drawing (PDF)Profile Processing (PDF)
M_5007/50Multi-Function Corner Joint5041 x 37.4
M_5009/200Multi-Function Corner Joint20026.4 x 14.8Technical Drawing (PDF)Profile Processing (PDF)
M_5011/150Multi-Function Corner Joint15028.5 x 14.5Technical Drawing (PDF)Profile Processing (PDF)
M_5028/250Multi-Function Corner Joint5019.8 x 14.9Technical Drawing (PDF)Profile Processing (PDF)
M_5030/150Multi-Function Corner Joint15024.4 x 26.4
M_5035/200Multi-Function Corner Joint20016.8 x 14.3Technical Drawing (PDF)
M_5040/200Multi-Function Corner Joint20019.5 x 14.5Technical Drawing (PDF)Profile Processing (PDF)
M_5036/200Multi-Function Corner Joint20035.8 x 17Technical Drawing (PDF)
M_5038/200Multi-Function Corner Joint20035.8 x 26.4Technical Drawing (PDF)