Sterling Multi-Point Lock


  • Sterling Multi point Lock
  • A compact window lock allowing fitting to profiles with little or no routing; it will not interfere with the internal weather gaskets of the window and will fit any drive bar
  • Fastens to Euro-groove using a 5mm Hex key without the need for transit screws. This allows quick and easy fitting of the handle at the final installation stage whilst minimising potential damage of handles
  • Product materials are of a high specification providing excellent corrosion resistance and will meet BS EN 1670 class 5 which is 480hrs corrosion resistance
  • Left and right hand variants available for symmetric installation on dual handle applications
  • Polymer bushing on all pivot surfaces reducing operational friction wear improving durability and reliability
  • Inherently strong design allows lock to be used on larger vents with many locking points
  • Investment cast stainless steel 7mm square drive gear
  • Endurance tested in excess of 30,000 operations
  • Integrated euro-groove fitting system with 14mm, 15mm and 16mm groove width options
  • 18mm bi-directional throw. Available with 6mm and 10mm drive spigots
  • Fully austenitic to compliment Sterling, Storm Balanced and Parallel Hinges
  • 12 Year Guarantee (details available upon request)