Parallel Hinge


  • Parallel Plus vents can be restricted to 40mm openings and still provide whole perimeter ventilation and effective air exchange. (Tested and proven at the BRE)
  • Vents weighing up to 200# kg can be manually operated. However, it is possible to create much larger motorised vents and recommend you contact the technical department for advice regarding project specific hardware specifications.
  • Small opening gap ensures greater security for occupants
  • Sash adjustment feature to correct parallelism on tall heavy vents
  • A reliable working life tested to 20,000 cycles
  • Full technical and sales support available
  • Manufactured from austenitic* stainless steel for high corrosion resistance
  • 12 Year Guarantee (details available upon request)

Ordering Details

Part Code Description Box Qty Box Weight Part Size Downloads
PXO250LParallel Hinge252410" Left HandedTechnical Drawing (PDF)
PXO350LParallel Hinge253214" Left HandedTechnical Drawing (PDF)
PXO350RParallel Hinge253214" Right HandedTechnical Drawing (PDF)
PXO450LParallel Hinge254018" Left HandedTechnical Drawing (PDF)
PXO450RParallel Hinge254018" Right HandedTechnical Drawing (PDF)
PXO670LParallel Hinge102527" Left HandedTechnical Drawing (PDF)
PXO670RParallel Hinge102527" Right HandedTechnical Drawing (PDF)
PXO950LParallel Hinge103438" Left HandedTechnical Drawing (PDF)
PXO950RParallel Hinge103438" Right HandedTechnical Drawing (PDF)