Blade Lock


  • Innovative fully retractable ‘blade’ locking bar
  • Compatible with Lifetime Home designs guide
  • Extremely fast and easy to fit
  • Eliminates cam clash
  • Fit sash rebate size between 520mm and 1629mm
  • 30mm and 60mm keeps with night vent position
  • 20mm and 22mm backsets


  • BS EN 1670 Grade 4 corrosion resistance (240 Natural Salt Spray)
  • Tested to a minimum of 30,000 cycle operational lifespan
  • 12 year mechanical guarantee

Ordering Details

Part Code Description Box Qty Box Weight Part Size Technical Drawing
B20DL0400Blade Multipoint Lock1015" CenterDownload (PDF)
B20DL0640Blade Multipoint Lock1025" CenterDownload (PDF)
B20DL0760Blade Multipoint Lock1030" CenterDownload (PDF)
B20DL1000Blade Multipoint Lock1039" CenterDownload (PDF)
B20DL1360Blade Multipoint Lock1054" CenterDownload (PDF)
B20DL1480Blade Multipoint Lock1058" CenterDownload (PDF)
B20DX1120LBlade Multipoint Lock1044" OffsetDownload (PDF)
B20DX1120RBlade Multipoint Lock1044" OffsetDownload (PDF)
B20DX1240LBlade Multipoint Lock1048" OffsetDownload (PDF)
B20DX1240RBlade Multipoint Lock1048" OffsetDownload (PDF)