Weather Seals

Window and Door Weather Seals

Increasing demands for weather and thermal efficiency have made weather seals and gasket products a critical aspect of window and door design. WHS can provide a complete range of weather seals for fenestration applications including glazing gaskets, central gaskets, and compression gaskets. Custom profiles and molded components are available to meet specific size, shape, hardness, and material requirements.

Molded Gasket Solutions

Higher levels of performance can be achieved with the use molded gasket corners, vulcanized sealed frames, and secondary molded components. Components like these can reduce the chance of weather infiltration and increase production speed. 

Custom Gasket Solutions 

Many applications can require custom profiles or solutions to meet specific requirements. We frequently work directly with product engineers to deliver custom solutions to meet unique specifications for material, hardness, size, and shape. Over twenty years of experience in the fenestration industry allows us to identify and provide custom solutions for projected, sliding and fixed glazing applications. 


  • Solid Profiles
  • Molded Rubber Components
  • Pre-Cut Lengths
  • Vulcanized Sealed Frames
  • Variable Hardness, Material, and Shape
  • EPDM | TPE | PVC

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